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Past comments by Fuffyfaf
$50 off PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, Street Fighter 5 for $15, and more: Here are some of 2016's best Black Friday gaming deals
15 dollars isn't even a deal for SFV. It oughta be its base price, what garbage.

Almost 10 seconds of parrying leading to a Super Art finisher - D-No shows us how magical Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike can be, even today
Why didn't he just throw in one low short?

'Evil Nash' alternate costume reportedly found in Street Fighter 5's new update files; all 10 colors for Necalli's new outfit
If this is real at all, how pathetically and characteristically lazy of Capcom.

New Street Fighter 5 costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li, Necalli - story mode option to use DLC outfits
The 'stache and dumb hat do not suit Ryu at all, but otherwise I can suspend my disbelief enough to picture him kind of wearing something that ridiculous and cheesy?

EVO 2006 featured Mario Kart competition, Tekken 5 was played on CRT televisions
I'll still never accept Catherine as a fighting game though.

Should recently discovered option selects be removed from Street Fighter 5? According to Combofiend's statements, they may be
All option selects possible. Get rid of all of them.

People still love Ultra Street Fighter 4: Here's which titles fans would want to see if Capcom added another game to the Pro Tour
Ultra SFIV Remix lololol

Street Fighter 5 penalizes player when server disconnects before match; takes 1,000 LP and serves with 24 hour ban
I have zero respect left for Capcom, how completely unprofessional. I don't know why I ever gave these people the benefit of the doubt. This game is a wreck and it only gets worse.

Are unjust rage quit penalties happening in Street Fighter 5? Tampa Bison allegedly punished after opponent exits match early
God I wish I could refund SFV, what a mistake.

Insane damage, unblockables and... Elena: Damn! The Street Fighter 4 series had some real BS in it
While I hated a ton of the characters and matchups in SF4, it'll always feel like more of a whole game than SFV.