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Soul Calibur 6 with characters: [u'Geralt', u'Mitsurugi']
Anyone here feel like Geralt's just a dumbed down version of Mitsurugi with everything that makes the latter good being replaced with meter-based gimmicks

Soul Calibur 6 with characters: [u'Geralt', u'Taki']
Previous tilt aside, I genuinely wonder how Geralt vs Taki favours the former rather than the latter. Since 2.20, Taki seems to have gotten a fair chunk of buffs and her chip damage feel as if they're do what they're supposed to do: Apply pressure to her opponent. Geralt on the other hand seems reliant on having to use either Aard or Yrden to counter said pressure, though using 50% of your meter to play ...

Soul Calibur 6 with characters: [u'Geralt', u'Taki']
Seems as if recent balance patches seem to really make life as a Geralt player a living hell when fighting against Taki. Guess it ain't SoulCalibur if a cute girl has a bad macthup with the dirty old man.

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