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Past comments by Famicom89
What 3rd party franchises would we like to see join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? EventHubs staff share our picks
Dante and Doomguy

The majority of our readers are sure they saw Akuma in the trailer; final poll results of what our readers think will be announced
Ono almost gave it will be arcade mode (or another new mode) with Shin Akuma as a boss/secret boss. I don't think it will be playable this time and I'm really disappointed...else ono wouldn't be on defensive (he told we would be disappointed in a good way). I'd prefer playable Akuma than arcade mode so I'll be disappointed in a bad way...

Tokido - Hajime Taniguchi
That's debatable IMHO... Still, he's probably the greatest FG player around in general. For example, he made top 5 (and 2 second places) in all of the games present at Street fighter 25th anniversary tournament. Till recent times, he always played multiple fighting games at the highest level (was a monster in kof XIII while still playing SF4) His capability to master so many games always impressed me

'The Controllers Used to Win EVO' - Core-A Gaming takes a look at controller diversity in the FGC
I've done a custom hitbox made from DS4 electronics, being a keyboard player who started with vanilla sf4, can't get used to regular sticks (I need buttons for movement and also left-handed layout...because vanilla on pc was just like that)

What happens when Desk gets his hands on the flashiest character in Street Fighter 5?
Actually Sf5 is more "streetfighterish" than SF4. Footsies are more important than ever in this game, while in SF4 were watered down by focus, and light into mediums combos weren't a common thing for all characters till SF4. You seem like a 09er (noting bad about that) that can't adapt to the new game. No one is forcing you to leave Ultra you know... Also lupe vs daigo was staged, in total or in part, ...

SF5 with characters: [u'Cammy', u'Ryu']
Cammy has strong pokes against ryu, playing footsies with her is not easy (walk-jab-walk-jab/throw can be difficult to counter without taking big risks, her st mk reaches further than ryu's normals and stuff them easily at the right range). V-skill won't be helpfull in many mixups because active frames take too long to come out or you've simply litte advantage on parry, forcing to use mp.shoryu most of the times to break pressure

Shadow Mewtwo officially revealed in latest Pokkèn Tournament trailer
Projectiles, divekicks, assists, super moves... will this be the base for TxSF fighting engine?

Street Fighter 5 beta now available for pre-load on Steam
I'm from italy, still no preload for me

Tokido goes in on Snake Eyez, stops Bonchan in his tracks, perfects Xian and Ultras everybody in this 'Ode to Skill' highlight video
He is one of the best fighting game players in the world (if not THE best). For example, at the 25th anniversary tournament he placed top 5 in every game he entered (with two 2nd places)

Street Fighter 5: Ono says we'll see Charlie (Nash) in a 'few months time', wants fewer characters in the upcoming fighter
From ryu and gouken? His normals are mostly taken by akuma (which in turn are based on ryu's) i can tell this: St.lp->akuma's far st.lp, f.lp->new,> akuma's close,> akuma's far, -> akuma's far st.hp ->> akuma's close st.hp,> akuma's,> new but somewhat like gouken's far, forward mk-> new, st.hp-> new, f.hp-> new,>akuma,> new Shoryu has unique animation on first hit, tatsu is ...