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Ultra Street Fighter 4
Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition
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The majority of our readers are sure they saw Akuma in the trailer; final poll results of what our readers think will be announced
Ono almost gave it away...it will be arcade mode (or another new mode) with Shin Akuma as a boss/secret boss. I don't think it will be playable this time and I'm really disappointed...else ono wouldn't be on defensive (he told we would be disappointed in a good way). I'd prefer playable Akuma than arcade mode so I'll be disappointed in a bad way...

Tokido - Hajime Taniguchi
That's debatable IMHO... Still, he's probably the greatest FG player around in general. For example, he made top 5 (and 2 second places) in all of the games present at Street fighter 25th anniversary tournament. Till recent times, he always played multiple fighting games at the highest level (was a monster in kof XIII while still playing SF4) His capability to master so many games always impressed me

'The Controllers Used to Win EVO' - Core-A Gaming takes a look at controller diversity in the FGC
I've done a custom hitbox made from DS4 electronics, being a keyboard player who started with vanilla sf4, can't get used to regular sticks (I need buttons for movement and also left-handed layout...because vanilla on pc was just like that)

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