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Ultra Street Fighter 4
Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition
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What 3rd party franchises would we like to see join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? EventHubs staff share our picks
Dante and Doomguy

The majority of our readers are sure they saw Akuma in the trailer; final poll results of what our readers think will be announced
Ono almost gave it will be arcade mode (or another new mode) with Shin Akuma as a boss/secret boss. I don't think it will be playable this time and I'm really disappointed...else ono wouldn't be on defensive (he told we would be disappointed in a good way). I'd prefer playable Akuma than arcade mode so I'll be disappointed in a bad way...

Tokido - Hajime Taniguchi
That's debatable IMHO... Still, he's probably the greatest FG player around in general. For example, he made top 5 (and 2 second places) in all of the games present at Street fighter 25th anniversary tournament. Till recent times, he always played multiple fighting games at the highest level (was a monster in kof XIII while still playing SF4) His capability to master so many games always impressed me

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