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Street Fighter X Tekken dev blog talks rival battles
@31: you are on a street fighter site and dare to mention something like "smash bros."? allthough capcom is acting like a gangster sometimes i prefer to give my money to them, cause they don't turn their back to their fans, like nintendo, who focus on causal gamers.

Street Fighter X Tekken dev blog talks rival battles
isn't that story enough: Street fighter meets tekken. who cares if fighter xy is looking for his mother or want vengeance for whatever. it's much more exciting to see if kazuyas uppercut can beat ryus shoryuken. someone should write a book on that;)

Ultra Street Fighter 4 Moves, Characters, Combos and Strategy Guides
@babasti8: sorry man i'm on xbox live. but just keep up playing until you meet a guy who is at your level and who has a good style. then invite him for an endless battle. thats how i do it.

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