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Past comments by Eddywang
What will SNK's new Samurai Shodown need to survive in the current competitive field of fighting games?
This game needs to be played the same way Samurai Shodown 2 plays, which is considered the highly competitive Samurai has ever been, the game died before because post SSII they reinvented the wheel with weird gimmicks and mechanic and even though story was the game was incredibly rich, which is what mostly made the majority continue to play it, competitive wise it was poor. Seriously Samsho2 has the best blueprint for any future samurai ...

Updated again: UltraDavid, Alex Myers, and Alioune's Ultra Street Fighter 4 tier lists; Filipino Champ's Dhalsim match-up chart
Lol, wait for evo then less find out. What's this? Lmao

MK9 with characters: [u'Kung Lao ', u'Skarlet']
Kung Lao has trouble hitting low hitbox characters, skarlet is a low hitbox character, has better hitting normals and can lower her hitbox even further, Lao makes up with his mobility, yet skarlet has better damage output, like twice as much, this is not 6-4 kung lao, its even at the worst.

MK9 with characters: [u'Johnny Cage ', u'Skarlet']
I don't Understand, if more than half ppl says this MU is even, why does the charts points out like a unfavourable MU. This MU is dead even, possible one of the most even MU

MK9 with characters: [u'Cyrax', u'Skarlet']
This matchup is only way harder than Kabal because Cyrax is a 1 touch kill Character, so the caution to get in this MU has to be extreme to the point of fighting with no mistakes at all, a single mistake is enough to kill skarlet. Yet she still has options that works well if any skarlet can captilize Cyrax's mistakes. 6-4 Cyrax honestly.

MK9 with characters: [u'Kabal', u'Skarlet']
Some ppl used to see this MU Wrongly, Kabal has advantage over Skarlet yes, but only because he can Gas Blast when she doesn't has meter, once she gets at least one bar, the game changes a lot, and if she manages to get with meter all the time, Kabal will have a hard time dealing with this character who clearly has the best armor in the game. Besides that, Skarlet works more like Ibuki ...