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GGST with characters: [u'I-No', u'Nagoriyuki']
I dont know much about I-no but Nagos 236s Really shines in this fight. Challenging low and mixing in Cr.HS lets him control this fight when he has life lead.

GGST with characters: [u'Nagoriyuki', u'Ramlethal']
Ram beats Nago alot...ALOT in the footsie game. A Ram taking a corner approach to Nago really gives him an uphill battle, especially if they are successful. He really doesnt have an answer that wont get stuffed. IMO he needs to land the Cr.S into 214H and instead of following up go for keeping positioning. This will open up his CMD throw and keep the battle midscreen as much as possible.

GGST with characters: [u'Nagoriyuki', u'Sol Badguy']
This is a battle of who hits who harder. I think solid footsies from Nago change Sols regular game plan. On the other hand once Sol is in Nago really has to land Cr.S to S.HS to back him up. This is a match up where instant block and faultless def come in handy.

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