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Lucius' Street Fighter 5 Season 2 Ibuki tier list
yes opinions needed cause that's all tier lists are; a collection of opinions. google what the word fact is.

Nerf jabs, proper hitboxes, less damage... see which Street Fighter 5 changes EventHubs staff want most in this round table discussion
there's no reason a 3f jab should AA cross-ups; looking at you Necalli. Especially if you already have a DP.

Street Fighter 5 sold 1.4 million copies
When the game came out you couldn't even see if your friends, who you've added to favorites, were even online or not. This is a feature that's been present in games since like 1994. SFV has many design mistakes that blow my mind. Basically the head designer should be fired and needs to go back to school. Most casual players won't tolerate that kind of incompetence and will move on. I keep playing because the ...

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