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Past comments by Delbuster
Devastating Feng Shui Engine combos, tricky mixups, and more - get a glimpse into Juri's potential with these early combos
day -30 juri combos is made w/ story mode

Ten moves in Street Fighter 5 that we're really scared of right now
that's lauras crouching medium punch, not standing

New BlazBlue due in 2016, may feature tag-team battles, over 30 characters -- creator Toshimichi Mori seeks fan feedback
aw snap

Learn hellish vortex combos for Inferno Scorpion, 33-hit combos with Special Ops Sonya and safe Sharpen set ups for Kitana in today's MK round up
just note the sonya drone cancel doesn't build meter anymore

Cassie Cage
Cassie is currently one of the most powerful characters in the game in my opinion. (Opinions vary from her being the best in the game, to her being balanced in the middle fairly). The main moves I recommend looking at are Elbow Smash (back1) - main poke/whiff punish tool, VERY good move Hard Sell (back12 string) - part of Elbow Smash's utility Active Duty (back124 string) - another part of Elbow Smash's utility Low Heel ...

MKXL: Cassie Cage - Low Heel
This move might go overlooked, but it shouldn't. It is a fast low attack at 6 frame startup, and safe on block (though the opponent will have a small advantage). The main purpose of this move is to trick the opponent into blocking low. On hit, this move will do a small stagger to an opponent and Cassie can then go for f3 as an overhead. If they start blocking high after this down3, then ...

MKXL: Cassie Cage - Kritical Knee
Kritical Knee goes into Street Smart (simply do f44). This is a fast 2 hitting string that launches - Cassie can fit a b12 db2 into full bread and butter combo afterwards. The main implication of the 2 hitting string is that it can break armored moves easily into a combo, and Street Smart is only -1 on block, so it is a safe guess to beat armor on their wakeup.

MKXL: Cassie Cage - Uppercut
This move is sometimes unreliable, but it has good range. If it hits opponents that are very high up in their jump, sometimes Cassie can combo b12 db2 into a full bread and butter combo afterwards. This move is especially useful in the Spec Ops variation if players are trying to jump to get around the missiles.

MKXL: Cassie Cage - Kick Abuse
This move is the other half of Cassie's overhead/low game. This one is a low, but unlike down4 and down3, has slower startup and leads into a combo with db2. Be careful with this move. It has 3 hits, but only 2 will come out if the move does not hit the opponent. If they block, only these 2 attacks (the low gunshot and the overhead tonfa swipe) will come out, and it is unsafe ...

MKXL: Cassie Cage - Active Duty
B12 is Cassie's best string. However, it is -6ish on block. B124 on the other hand is 0 on block. There is a gap between the 2 and 4 so Kung Lao's Enhanced Spin and Cassie's Enhanced flip kick will punish both b12 and b124. It is her bread and butter, and extremely good after b1 to be able to hit confirm b12 into a db2 into a combo, or confirm the opponent blocked and ...