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Frosty Faustings X results ft. SonicFox, LostSoul, MarlinPie, Punk, ElvenShadow
Mika's chair vt2 is the best addition to AE for me by far. Even when I get bodied by it, I'm so hyped. It's so damn fun. Abigail is also by far my favorite new character in SF5. If S3 is the year of chair Mika and Abigail, I will be happy. However, I suspect Rashid and Akuma will continue to generally dominate once things get real.

Dragon Ball FighterZ guide book revealed, includes download code for Android 21
This deal sounds like a catch-21.

Juggling for days, fireball frenzies and kicking Zangief backwards... desk takes on Sakura in Street Fighter 5
If Desk lived in the middle ages, he would have been the dude living in the dark foreboding castle mixing up alchemical solutions while cackling loudly as thunder rumbles ominously in the distance. But luckily, we have him here and now for videos like this.

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