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Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist set to start shooting this year
ugh cheesy live action filming, no name actors who think they are martial artist because they play fight in a park from time to time, and a production crew that nobody cares about. Your request for nearly a million dollars was outrageous, that's why the kickstarter never picked up. I'm sorry those fan boys who are paying your checks now can't see the wasted value of the project. You would have been better off making ...

Capcom adjust sales forecasts after cancelling games and decides to revise their overseas strategy
Maybe CAPCOM lost money because they dont care what the fans want and just produce what ever they think will be good. Everytime they have made a decision like this, in recent times, the game has ended up failing. I would gladly wait for a game to come out if it was better quality.

Sven: '7th place not good enough,' regarding Darkstalkers Resurrection sales - adds game was fully featured, probably best project of this type
Capcom has re-hashed all these titles and this has sold more than any of them. If you were looking for a successful sale, THIS IS IT. This did better than 3s, this did better than MVC Origins, this did better than anything else CAPCOM has rehashed on XBL or PSN. It's just stupidity if they thought a rehashed 1990's game was going to sell like a new fighter. This is just another excuse by CAPCOM ...

Nerd Josh demonstrates Wonder Woman's combo and set up potential in Injustice: Gods Among Us demo
once again, TS|Nerd Josh shows his skills in a game that nobody will really take seriously and nobody will really give a hoot about a year from now. Grats!

Updated: Fanatiq addresses Final Round 16 situation, Team Spooky wants your feedback on the Fanatiq vs. ChrisG match
This was staged, this was so obviously staged. You dont need comments Spooky... you know as well as anyone that this was a fake match. I love how Fanatiq at the end was like, "Oh its over? I didn't realize"... ya bro... remember that match you threw out the window? or all those times you COULD have hit him that you chose to not? Or all those times where Chris dropped combos to try to ...

Injustice developer: People should give background interactions a chance before banning them in tournament play
riiiiight.... cause instead of making your characters better... you will just fill in the gap with these stupid stage transitions and interactive environments. Why didn't anyone think about this before?! I would have loved to grabbed the bike the Chinese guy was riding during Chun Li's stage in ST and just beat someone to death with it. More games should be focused on letting the environment kill your opponent instead of your skill and character... ...

Injustice Battle Arena semi-finals: The Flash vs. Batman, Superman vs. Green Lantern - celebrity opinions Jim Lee, Geoff Johns, Kevin Smith and more
a typical conversation about this game around the water cooler: "Well our game is gonna be crap boss... I dont think people will like it very much." "JUST THROW MONEY AT IT! HIRE CELEBRITIES AND HAVE THEM SAY THEY LOVE THE GAME EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE NEVER HAD ANY SAY IN ANY VIDEO GAME EVER MADE. OH.... AND MAKE SURE THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THE COMIC BOOK SIDE OF THIS GAME AND NOT THE FACT ...

Updated: Injustice: Gods Among Us - Official character art including Ares, Killer Frost, Black Adam, Doomsday, Raven, Aquaman and Hawkgirl
This game has a lot of hype around it... I hope it can live up to the name. The animation style is mediocre at best, combos seem very clunky and majority of the good effects are wasted on interactive stage environments. I have a fear that this will go the way of MK vs DC.... Follow LTE on Facebook at: Follow LTE on Twitter at:

Capcom intentionally being vague if Street Fighter 4 series update will contain new content or just balance changes
I can almost guarantee that it will be Rolento, Elena/Hugo. The reason I say Elena/Hugo is because they will need to release an even number of characters to balance the character select screen. Rolento is almost a given, there is a PC mod that already has his full moveset and animations done from an SFxT port. Ono saw this and was impressed by it and stated himself that he would talk to the dev team ...

Updated: Glitch in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 removed hit stun decay and red health
wow... I'm going to have to start fact checking information now. The guy submitted the video as a spoof and troll video as his game is clearly hacked/glitched. DreamKing23 got trolled hard with this one #kappa