Past comments by Darkspirit138
Players comment on who the top 4 characters are in Street Fighter X Tekken during week one
Rufus is terrifying in this game-his offence is completely impenetrable. The grapplers (Marduk, Zangief, Hugo, King) are all pretty strong (King in a different way to the other guys). Played a Ryu/Kazuya who, as Ryu,,, xx EX Donkey Kick, EX SRK, switch, charge super. That was just about the stupidest damage I've seen in this game. Toro OP.

Street Fighter X Tekken mega roundup: Paul combos, 815 damage setup and much more
I play Paul-picked Law/Yoshi first, saw no synergy, but Paul finishes off combos hard. His footsies are strong, his Phoenix Punisher is insanely good, but he has no movement whatsoever. Works well with Law, since Law has some great ways to switch, builds meter well (something that Paul really benefits from), and is very good at opening characters up.

ScrewAttack's thoughts on Worst Street Fighter character ever created
I cannot believe Skullomania is on that list. The fact that Skullomania, the skeleton Power Ranger, is on the list of worst anything is wrong.

Maximilian's first impressions of Street Fighter X Tekken online mode
Everybody seems pretty negative today. Can't wait for this game, and first time I've seen some Law stuff! First thing I'm gonna do is try him out.

Ogre and Jin Street Fighter X Tekken character demos
God, does Ogre look strong.

Yoshimitsu and Hwoarang Street Fighter X Tekken character demos
Just some quick things I've seen looking at the video: Hwoarangs Heavy and EX Hunting Hawk look really strong for switching out. Plus, overhead and great lows into combos makes him look really scary. Also, Hwoarangs dive kick thing actually looks better than given credit for-seems almost like Bison's head stomps. Yoshimitsu has some weird hitboxes on him-his mid-range looks very strong, but it looks like he'll have to get there fast-unlike Hwoarang and some ...

Taiwan Street Fighter X Tekken tournament gameplay
Once people properly get into this game, it won't just be magic series into finisher. Since launcher is its own move, we're gonna see some awesome little launcher setups. I'm looking forward to this game-lots of layers to be broken into and nobody will play the same game.

YogaFlame24 Super Street Fighter 4 AE replays for December 10, 2011
Lori is an amazing El Fuerte. Fact!

Firebrand Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 video character guide by FingerCramp
Do you think he could do crossups when they're both up in the air to flying and then attacking on the other side?

Cross Counter - Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Preview
Hi Im Nastyyy's going to decimate some dudes sometime soon. Combofiend will get up top. Someone is going to start destroying with Spiderman, Captain America, and Wesker. Clockwork will decimate as well.