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High level Dan play, Sako, Acqua and LeviStrauss replays - Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012
Dan has got the Saikyo pressure

Capcom blames fighting game market saturation for Street Fighter X Tekken's sluggish sales
Saturation is probably a factor-the fact that so many fighting games came out in such a short space of time has made me buy SF x T over anything else coming out around that time. It is however, idiotic to say that that is the only reason. First of all, Capcom have given us no sincerity to actually buy their product-their 'poor' sales figures are due to an accumulation of frankly sly behaviourisms. You release ...

Street Fighter X Tekken roundup: Persona's Ryu and Ken combos, Hugo tutorial, multi-character combos and more
Ryu and Ken don't need more combos then SRK switch st.fp xx SRK. Swear that thing does more damage than my BnBs.

Law Street Fighter X Tekken Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide

No patch planned to fix Xbox 360 local co-op support for Street Fighter X Tekken
I'm not angry about the DLC fiasco, nor about the gems, and neither do I have a 360. But this is basically lying to customers, and that's just wrong.

Harada responds to concerns that Tekken Tag Tournament 2's solo mode is too powerful - more gameplay footage
@8 The Mobility issue is definitely his biggest problem, since most of his combo enders leave the opponent really far away with no real way of catching up to them. I play Law with a lot of meter-building gems so if there I have made a mistake with Paul in terms of an unsafe move I normally switch Law in. Realistically, I haven't played against anybody good offline so I can't say how safe it ...

Harada responds to concerns that Tekken Tag Tournament 2's solo mode is too powerful - more gameplay footage
@5 Paul is not a joke character! He's my favourite second character with Law in the game. He has great footsies, good mix-ups, high damage-what else do you need?

Screw Attack's top 10 most underrated Street Fighter characters
The video may have a strange definition of the word 'underrated', but damn is it funny.

Balrog Street Fighter X Tekken Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
Doesn't anybody else think it'd be better if Vega had Crazy Claw Buffalo as his super and Balrog had Bloody High Punch as his?

Mike Ross, Clockw0rk discuss which characters will win EVO, Street Fighter X Tekken gameplay
Law will be in a few teams for EVO, I think. He has strong mix-ups, pokes and footsies, and good ways to get his teammate into some good damaging situations. Also, good god is Rufus strong. His damage is nuts, which is stupid for how good he is able to get into other characters. His moves are normally pretty safe, and he has some obscene long-range pokes. If people actually bother trying King, and their ...