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Closer look at the other new character shown in Mortal Kombat X, more old cast members returning; block button is back
This isn't technically true - most 'casual fighting game players' are people who got the game, enjoyed its offline content (probably the best story in a fighting game, the challenge tower, and some great two player-modes), tried a few games online, and therefore probably got their money's worth for the game. Those who played a lot of the game played in something from local tournaments to the EVOs as well as doing what the casual ...

Not being paid in eSports has become so common, it's almost expected says GEM agency - ESGN latest company with repayment troubles
Does anybody know the legal consequences of stuff like this?

Has Ultra Street Fighter 4's worst match up already been discovered? Dhalsim's 2-hit st.MK is the absolute Hugo killer
At 1:06, Hugo focus attacks the mk and then dashes backward - could he have not got in by dashing forward instead? Is the standing mk FA dashable from any place where the mk hits, or is it spacing specific? This was always gonna be a hard match-up for Hugo, but there might be small ways like this around it.

Glacius Killer Instinct 3 walkthrough from GameTrailers, more gameplay footage
I don't understand why people are saying he's like Dhalsim. Ranged rushdown with strong zoning is Dhalsim with ranged rushdown - which is a completely different element. I'd argue he's more like Vega than Dhalsim. Character looks awesome, and I say that as a former Glacius main. It's somewhat different and he looks very unfamiliar.

Lab Zero's PayPal account frozen due to fear of chargebacks - will not delay content as a result
I haven't donated into this - didn't buy Skullgirls - but I don't get this mentality. The point of a donation is to help a cause - not your cause, necessarily, but to allow for general progression. Yet I see so many people being like 'aw naw dawg, Stanley gonna be in so I'm out'. Really? I mean, really? As some guy said, you're not lending them out cash - or you're not meant to. ...

Saudi Arabia stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 undergoing aesthetic changes
Whilst I'm at it, Rubedo, you have not read the Qu'ran. You have been fed the (admittedly) darker, more frightening side of the Qu'ran. And I'm not going to avoid the fact that personally, I would find it wrong to think about raping anybody, regardless of their age. There are plenty of sources showing Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a negative light. Please, however, do not let that the foundations of your judgement of ...

Saudi Arabia stage in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 undergoing aesthetic changes
Here's how it is: First of all, some Muslims have religious values. Obviously. One of these includes no disrespect to Allah, which this entails. Now I, personally, don't have a problem with the floor symbol malarkey, but some people do. Is that a problem? Somehow, from that trivial, trivial mistake, people here have managed to turn this into Islamic hatred. Muslims haven't declared Jihad on Namco. A Muslim saw that it could be an interpretative ...

Rumor: Dante, Sackboy, Ratchet and more leaked for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Sir Daniel Fortescue! Let's GO!

Street Fighter X Tekken roundup: Cody, Guy and Lei combos, Cross Assault online combo video and more
Hype like you've never seen before: Cross Assault Edition.

Skullgirls, King of Fighters 13 and Soul Calibur 5 replays from North West Majors
King of Fighters looks so hype. I don't have the game, but I want it now.