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Princess Kitana comes back to life in Mortal Kombat X? New trailer ft. Kitana, Kung Lao, Goro and many more
Yeah mate, there's a run button that takes up some of the meter below the health bar. Haven't been this excited for a game in ages, Injustice was a bit of a letdown for me, but this is really looking up.

Two Jack Nicholson heads? The boots are back? Who the Hell is Ed Boon hinting at for Mortal Kombat X?!
Jax and somebody's kid. N - Nitara? More likely her than Noob Saibot or Nightwolf, you'd think.

Rare footage of Poongko actually losing to a Dee Jay in Ultra Street Fighter 4; The Machine from Korea plays Seth, Poison online
I think you're completely right about the logic thing - I think it's one of the main reasons why Cammy and potentially Akuma are considered as good as they are, and why the success of Mike Ross' Honda at EVO was so interesting. That said, I don't think the tools that Deejay has are particularly nuanced enough to extract better results than players have already discovered.

Poll: Has your SSF4 AE v2012 main character gotten better in Ultra Street Fighter 4? Worse? Let us know!
Dudley - his buffs all made sense and gave him advantages where he wanted them. Relatively, probably didn't improve leaps and bounds, but can definitely hold his own better now - and new mechanics helped him out also, though it doesn't seem like Red Focus did much for him other than give him more damage on stun (and it's not like we needed that!). Still, a good improvement. Vega - Excellent buffs, really useful. His ...

Daigo's Evil Ryu corners Sagat, Momochi's Ken squares off against Ryu in Topanga Banzuke Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament matches
Exactly what you've said, man. There's no real way that a character is meant to be played apart from what gets you the best results - and Daigo's results are pretty darn terrifying. Personally, I'd prefer that he stayed with Ryu, since he's the only Ryu player I love watching. #Haitani4EVO

Poll: Is Ultra Street Fighter 4 balanced better than SSF4 AE v2012?
Yeah, we still need to wait a bit - right now I think characters like Cammy and Akuma seem stronger than they really are because people have already invested a long amount of time into those characters. It takes a while.

Rolling... Super Flash! Vega has a deadly new Cosmic Heel reset combo in Ultra Street Fighter 4
I dunno, with the new cross-up he's got, how useful this is - his options past Scarlet Terror are now more than legitimate. But it's damn flashy.

MKX's variations have unique costume elements, making styles easier to identify; Boon says Ferra/Torr is one of their most diverse characters
So excited for this - what's the chances that Cassie's hair can come down during the fight?

Updated: Capcom looking into developing Street Fighter 5 on PS4 and Xbox One, Ono says earlier report about pay to win not accurate
The thing that games like Mortal Kombat got right was that they didn't try to make it so that bad players could compete with good players. It simply shouldn't be possible - what you're saying there is that somebody who has put the time and effort to actually get good at a game should be approachable to play against somebody who in turn hasn't. That's like giving me the ability to use my hands in ...

Cassie Cage, Kotal Kahn revealed for Mortal Kombat X, former character is daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya
Am I the only one that thinks that, because Shinnok pretty much needs to be in the story and the main bad guy has to survive 25 years, it might be Fujin?