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Healing mid-combo, Smart Disc set-ups, 50% with one meter, and more: Let the DreamKing help you learn Predator in Mortal Kombat X!
I was messing around with Predator in Training mode, and couldn't help but notice his Instant Air Yautja Strike isn't height restricted, and therefore EXTREMELY fast - is it not noteworthy?

Which character do you hope to see revealed for Street Fighter 5 at E3? Cast your votes here
I think that's even better. I can't wait to be all innocent and waiting in a ranked game and the guy picks Q. I will soil myself AND get peed on.

Want to play Street Fighter 5 at E3 this year? Win passes into the show from Capcom and EventHubs
Alley Brawler is my blood, my being. When I was a young lad, innocent and carefree, my father took me into the city, and there was a retro gaming shop, deserted, the dust glistening with the pixels of yesteryear. And there it was. Street Fighter II. It was a universal inevitability - the first credit I entered, and I played Blanka, feigning competence with the electricity, sometimes unleashing a sporadic roll. Surprisingly, I didn't get ...

Have a question for a fighting game developer? Let us know and we'll try to run it by them at E3 2015
SFV - How would you describe the tone of the game? The footage so far makes it seem more serious than SFIV, with splatters of tongue in cheek. Are there any plans to make further iterations of SFV (like Super, or Ultra), and if so, will there be an upgrade from the original SFIV possible? Only asking because of Marvel. NRS has recently supported the tournament community more actively for Daigos and aspiring Daigos alike, ...

Jason Voorhees Mortal Kombat X roundup: All Fatalities and Brutalities, X-Ray attack, and day 1/advanced combos and tricks
I thought a really cool Jason fatality would be from far, that he throws their knife at their leg, takes his mask off, then starts walking at them menacingly, and the opponent, crawling away, terrified, kills themselves with the lodged knife. The music could have a field day with it, and it's horrifying whilst epitomising Jason's character.

'The game has changed from expressing who you are to doing whatever wins.' - Hamad discusses why he's losing interest in Ultra Street Fighter 4
'It's just that the buffer window in USF4 is so large that people can literally just escape all offensive situations' - I haven't done it in a while, but when I used to play the game a lot, I used to make decision matrices on wake-up games to determine what kind of things I should do on wake-up, both offensively and defensively. The above statement just isn't the case - the advantage in almost all ...

Here's Johnny! New Mortal Kombat X trailer officially reveals Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage as playable
Aww the 'Here's Johnny' thing is amazing.

EX Duck completely avoids Thunder Knuckle, Short Swing Blow dodges Tiger Knee: Learn to punish un-true blockstrings with Dudley in USF4
Just realised the subconsciously, the reason why I decided to switch to Dudley is because of my love of Hajime no Ippo. Other than that, these look real useful.

Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat X? New trailer detailing online modes shows interesting character portrait
Am I the only one more upset about the Brotherhood of Shadow being represented by Quan Chi, not Noob Saibot, rather than Sonya's face?

Kitana & Kung Lao's moves, hints of new stages (Fujin stage?) - Mortal Kombat X gameplay trailer analysis from Perfect Legend, Maximilian
Game still looks amazing - I would think Fujin and Kenshi, given their popularity in the community and their roles within the lore, would pretty much be guaranteed. I'd think that Mileena, Cyrax, Ermac, and Liu Kang are also fairly likely. As much as I'd want Noob, Baraka, and Sektor to be in the game, they're probably a bit less likely. As for characters that are a bit more out there, I'd love for Havik ...