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Fei Long Ultra Street Fighter 4 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
Gekkinken is just downforward, downforward kick. It isn't the best counter, so it doesn't counter EXs or Ultras. But it takes off loads.

Mad Catz inks Daigo Umehara to sponsorship deal
Well, this is a surprise.

Archived video from GiantBomb's live Super Street Fighter 4 stream
So...I'm just wondering-the guys who are saying that the players are playing badly. How many of you can beat a pro at Rock Band, for example? Right now? Very little prior experience, after about a years worth of playing other completely different video games? Oh, that's right. You can't.

Fei Long Ultra Street Fighter 4 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
Hadn't they changed Fei Long's Flying Kick into a regular Down, Down-Forward, Forward Kick motion for SSFIV?

Fei Long's infinite loop combo is back in Super Street Fighter 4
The idea to make it EX only is pretty good. The problem is if you have it, with extremely good players, one hit and you're dead.

Advanced parrying techniques: Street Fighter 3 Third Strike
Daigo knows what he's doing in that vid.

Nagoya Street Battle 13 Daigo Umehara videos
Daigo uses fireballs very effectively. In the match against Momochi, it's obvious to see that Daigo knows, with Akuma/Goukis aerial tools, he can't zone him as well as most characters.

PS3, Xbox 360 Super Street Fighter 4 image comparison
Yay fanpeople! You all try to act as if you can see potential differences between the two, but there aren't any. Honestly, if someone just put a sack of crap on the PS3 and said it was a comparison to 360s SSF screenshot, PS3 fan boys will still be like 'OMG OURS LOOKS BETTER ROFL' and then a stupid smiley to show that they actually have the IQ of a twig. And vice versa, by ...