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The announcement that Samurai Shodown's PC version seems to be Epic Games Store exclusive sounds very much like what SNK said they weren't going to do
In any other market, this would be a good thing. Steam has dominated and monopolised the PC gaming market for years now, which should mean that they dont need to be as efficient and consumer facing as possible to make the profits they want to make. New competition should make them improve their functionality to gain an edge over their competition. Its definitely a bit of a questionable business practice, but Epic is currently heading ...

Street Fighter 5 Season 2 patch notes - character balance and system changes
Poor Bison's old age finally got to him, one punch and he's stunned immediately

Who is the most technical character in Street Fighter 5? The results of our poll show who EventHubs readers voted for
I don't know why Balrog is so low on the list, when: 1) His V-Skill cancels are a necessary part to his gameplan and require a lot of thought to use effectively 2) His crush counter combos are tough to consistently put out and vary a lot based on distance (at close range, cc, walk forward,,, straight works, but further away you have to change it a bit) 3) Your spacing for ...

Which character has the best offense in Street Fighter 5? The results of our poll show who EventHubs readers voted for
I'd argue for Laura, because: - Her offense is relentless - her V-Skill options, jab elbow, and projectile cancellable normals means that she can just keep on going. - Her offense is versatile - she has every offensive option in the game (a low, an overhead, a crossup, frane traps, a command grab) Her biggest problem on the offensive side is that she doesn't get much damage out of it without a set of good ...

Through vigorous training Dhalsim draws ever closer to divinity - Street Fighter 5 profile for yoga master Dhalsim, his wife Sally and their son Datta
My god, Dhalsim is 48kg??? Once again we have a prime example of the media implying a standard that is far outside of our reach.

'If command throws were left as they were, they'd be really, really strong' - Combofiend explains why SPDs are toned down in Street Fighter 5
Zangief's problem isn't with his grab at all. Zangief players have to rely on respect of the tools they have to make their opponent play defensively, and defensive play - blocking, light attacks, etc - is where command grabs shine, being quick, unblockable and untechable. Zangief has to commit to some pretty serious reads to actually make people afraid of what he can do to them outside of his command grab, and that's where he's ...

'I really don't think Balrog is that good' - PR Rog's Street Fighter 5 Balrog is already looking scary, but will he even play the character?
I'd currently say his strengths and weaknesses are: - Outstanding buttons - his is probably one of the best special cancellable buttons in the game, it has great range, decent speed, and a lovely hitbox. His and cr.fp deal with most aerials in the game (thank god, given his lack of special anti-airs, screw attack does not count), his and are amazing for frame advantage and combo into beautiful things, his ...

'People have not been playing Ken correctly' - New video from ScDrPain shows what range SF5 Ken players should be at to optimize their gameplan
This is really cool, he plays a lot like how I play Commando Kano in MKX - pressure with knives, aa cannonball to stop jump-ins, counter fireballs with air cannonball, and pressure with quick dashes, pokes, and strong grabs. Commando Kano was by far the most fun to play in MK for me, so I'm hopeful.

Jimmy Kimmel goes to war with the gaming community, then makes amends when he meets two prominent streamers face to face
I think the fundamental question that the comedy puts forward is actually an interesting one - why do people watch people play video games? Especially when you consider the fact that many reasons you could say for watching people play video games - say, as a form of escapism - isn't really unique enough from experiencing a video game yourself. The main reasons I've thought up are: A) Competition - I think people have already ...

Kombat Pack 2 to be announced tomorrow? Ed Boon shows four mysterious Mortal Kombat X silhouettes
Guy on the far left is clearly the new Smoke. Next one, given by his hairstyle, has got to be Heihachi Mishima. Past that, the clear cut lines makes it seem like Cyrax, and after that, the man has a really nice cut to his dress. Albert Wesker.