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The announcement that Samurai Shodown's PC version seems to be Epic Games Store exclusive sounds very much like what SNK said they weren't going to do
In any other market, this would be a good thing. Steam has dominated and monopolised the PC gaming market for years now, which should mean that they dont need to be as efficient and consumer facing as possible to make the profits they want to make. New competition should make them improve their functionality to gain an edge over their competition. Its definitely a bit of a questionable business practice, but Epic is currently heading ...

Street Fighter 5 Season 2 patch notes - character balance and system changes
Poor Bison's old age finally got to him, one punch and he's stunned immediately

Who is the most technical character in Street Fighter 5? The results of our poll show who EventHubs readers voted for
I don't know why Balrog is so low on the list, when: 1) His V-Skill cancels are a necessary part to his gameplan and require a lot of thought to use effectively 2) His crush counter combos are tough to consistently put out and vary a lot based on distance (at close range, st.fk cc, walk forward, st.fk, cr.mp, straight works, but further away you have to change it a bit) 3) Your spacing for ...

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