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Unknown Beerus player is creating destruction online in Dragon Ball FighterZ
I think beerus orbs was meant to be use for offence only and not defense. Beerus is a set play character.

Update: Dragon Ball FighterZ February patch notes
We don't need killer instinct mechanics in dbfz. The mechanics in dbfz is just find the way they it is. What i like about dbzf mechanics is that it feel like I'm playing the anime and I don't want people to mess up my experience because they don't want to put time into training mode to really learn the game mechanics. If you want a combo breaker mechanic then go play killer instinct and of ...

Update: Dragon Ball FighterZ February patch notes
@Beazy621 #67 The game just came out and everybody is still learning the game mechanics. Always remember in fighting games defense is always harder to master then offense. Reflect is so strong in this game but it take skill to use and it require you to learn every character combo string so you can no what is a true block string and what is not. Did you no that you can reflect vanish and punish ...

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