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Will Blanka's moveset in Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition take inspiration from Omega Street Fighter 4?
After well over a year of Blanka in IV, between my lightning finger and palm of my hand, there was a solid callus from tapping lightning so much. True signs of Blanka players :D.

Street Fighter 5's 'exhaustible' fight money opportunities will be disappearing after January 16th - let's go down the checklist
Earning fight money will not be a problem. They are knocking down the value of all the old ones because they have worked a long time to put out all their new content they are proud of. They don't want people deciding to get fat FM rewards out of old content, prioritizing it over the new content. They want people playing new content. Will you be able to get FM as good from old content, ...

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection's online play features new 'rewind' technology to provide low-latency matches
This is so awesome. So hyped to finally try SFII online too. All that childhood experience lol. Sold to me easy!

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