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Past comments by Crisuki
Steve can dish over 100% damage to Donkey Kong with this insane combo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
It aint a dlc character if they cant nearly 0-to-death DK

Guile's iconic sweep seen from the opponent's perspective in amazing animation
I really wanna see how Guile's f+HK looks like in fpv, lmao

'Genei Jin' type attacks like Rose's Soul Illusion tend to be very powerful in Street Fighter titles which forecasts good signs for Rose in SF5CE
...Isn't Seiei Enbu the super with the after image hitting a 2nd time? EDIT: That hit's 2 extra times, my bad

New visual glitch for Akuma introduced with the Ring of Galaxy stage to be fixed next month in Street Fighter 5 though still no word on the Danfinite
They accidentally put in SF6's texture pack for Akuma in this patch

Can you block this? — Long-requested anti-cheat feature added to Tekken 7 with latest update
I almost missed Steve's head in the middle of the hoodie, LMAO

Poll results: What are the strongest and weakest V-Triggers in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition Season 5?
Not voting for something to be the best doesn't make it bad. Just look at the bottom 5 for the best and the top 5 for the worst. At the moment, none of them even match

PC mods: Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Karin becomes Ann Takamaki from Persona 5
Missed opportunity to mod poison instead. Still fitting though!

First round voting begins for Dragon Ball FighterZ's Summit of Power
Pretty sure you wouldn't want to be identified as the wrong gender as much as the next person would

All Season 1 DLC Dragon Ball FighterZ characters reportedly discovered via data mining after latest patch
Total missed opportunity in the banner to actually put a beer in Goku's hand

It has all the CPT points for Smug, Cranky Kong gives MvCI advice, Alex Halloween costume, and more: Ridiculous FGC images and memes
The Marvel vs Dante pic pretty much sums up my online experience