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Super Street Fighter 4, Vanilla rival cutscenes
#14 ....or you couldv'e simple played the Alpha series, then you would know why Cammy has the title killer bee... Also, I'm not a weeaboo, I'm just Japanese. When my friend whose American asked me why I need to listen to them in japanese, there are 2 reasons why. The japanese voices were the ones that were originally intended for the characters, and though most american's don't notice it, many things are mispronounced. Almost like ...

Silver Surfer in Marvel vs. Capcom 3?
He's gonna be the worst character in the game. He dies from 1 hit.

Video: Dante has a lot of moves in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Dante is really damn good. Basically, give him the cheap easy combos, plus the dive from Zero in Tatsunoko, then give him a super fast projectile super like Cable, plus a semi-infinite combo with alot of options, and you have Dante. This is exactly why Marn chose him in every damn match during the tournament. (I know this since I fought Marn during the tournement, if youre curious, its in the Comic con thursday mini ...

Video: Dante has a lot of moves in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Just to let people know, I talked to Seth there, and he said that they will definetly nerf Dante. as of now, he is the cheapest character in the game (at least at the SDCC build.)

Four new characters announced for Marvel vs. Capcom 3
As long as they have Jin, I dont mind who they add next. JUST GIVE ME JIN!!!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 EVO 2010 build breakdown
@7 Well I dont blame you, I've heard that before. Since NMH was made my Suda51, who also made Killer7 which WAS published by Capcom, many believe that so is NMH.

Roll: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
Man, Roll is really good. While it is true that you need meter to use her most of the time, her OTG Mop attacks are your main weapon. I usually pair her up with Volnutt, since Its really easy for me to gain meter as him. As an added bonus, I can DHC heal volnutt. Fun parts of her is that since many people consider her to be a joke character, they almost always rage ...

Even more Marvel vs. Capcom 3 gameplay videos
Ok So apparently, voices can be changed between languages. (this is a godsend for me, since chars from SF, or Darkstalkers I prefer to keep in japanese, along with the fact that I dont like Kyle Herbert. I also like that touch they added, where the character will yell out the name of the character they are switching with.

Ridiculously awesome Street Fighter 4 combo video
i lol'ed at the Megaman 2 Wily Fortress music. I have to agree with this guy, as Im also kinda salty about it. I want my PC SSFIV!

Makoto Super Street Fighter 4 videos from Flash Metroid
Regardless of what others say, Makoto is a great character in Super. The only thing that really stood out for me that I didn't like was her normals. THEY SUCK compared to 3's. Give her crouching m.k a little more range and speed.