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Ono talks about where the Street Fighter franchise is headed
I think a better tutorial mode would be a good add. A thing to do would be to add more practical things to use in a real match, and also the demo system from BlazBlue where it would show you what the combo would look like if done correctly. One more thing to help beginning players I feel, would be to include things like the David Sirlin tutorial videos for SSF2T they included in Capcom ...

Angry Joe rants about Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
#29, #138, #160 I COMPLETELY agree with you guys. First off about Joe, he has NO IDEA what he's talking about. I do agree that from a Casual player's stand point, all of these arguments are more or less valid. HOWEVER, from the view of a competitive player, ALL OF THESE INCLUSIONS MAKE SENSE. Only real argument I can agree with him on both fronts is that Spectator mode should have been in vanilla. -He ...

Shadaloo logo, Sodom message other stuff in Street Fighter X Tekken videos
What we all know is that Asuka has to be in it. Now if Asuka is in it, Sakura is DEFINITELY confirmed. Now with that in mind, Lili will be in as Asuka's partner, and with that well all know that Sakura ALSO has a blond partner...Karin... Karin for SFxT!

Red Fight District - Super Street Fighter 2T intro remix trailer
So... They play CvS2 music at the end, yet there isn't actually gonna be CvS2 at this tournament? Lame.

A different take on Cammy's design
Hmm... In the last picture she is missing her signature strand of hair that sticks out... It's not in her FRONT picture, but its in the BACK picture...

Ono wants to pitch Nintendo X Capcom fighter
I'm just going to assume that if they ever DID make a Nintendo/Capcom crossover, it'll just be a party game filled with mini-games, like Mario Party. They never did say that they wanted to make a FIGHTING game, though it does make me think since they asked Ono...

Zero Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide
Wait... How can Ryuuenjin be used in the air as well, if that has the same input as lightning dive? Also, I thought they got rid of Darkhold for the new "Super Hadangeki"

Over 100 minutes of Sako in Super Street Fighter 4's training mode
IMHO, Eva is the best series ever. Why doesn't he have a Ayanami Rei figure?!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character notes from Japanese Q&A
@142 Flawless Victory. Telling it like it is.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character notes from Japanese Q&A