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Past comments by Corybell
Jubei's Samurai Shodown trailer revealed
Jubei was in 2. He was only missing from 3.

'It's like I'm not here... It's Mike Ross versus himself' - Latest episode of Excellent Adventures showcases the loss of optimism regarding Zangief
Honestly Mike lost from not understanding all of gief's tools properly. Gief's flex increases his hitbox so he could just flex the banana without walking forward, and gief only does the flex portion of his v-skill after walking forward, so he could just v-skill in place for the armor without having to commit to the flex/punch. Also Birdie's chain is armorable.

Capcom has indeed made Cammy and Chun-Li 'cuter' in Street Fighter 5, producers say K-Brad and PR Balrog were most hype for Karin
They fixed Vega's appearance as well.

USF4 with characters: [u'Hugo', u'Juri']
It's still REALLY bad. I thought that this match pre-patch was 9-1, so I feel even with the fact you can duck under H/M fuhajins it's still 8-2.

Capcom shows official Ultra Street Fighter 4 arcade poster
5th character is hidden behind the A: Mormon Bison.

Ayano: 'We'll be showing you THAT next week, sorry for keeping you waiting', 5th character for Ultra Street Fighter 4 might be revealed
New character confirmed to be Mormon Bison.

Capcom character montage in Project X Zone - Mega Man X, Zero, Chun-Li, Morrigan, Nemesis, Frank West and much more
#2 It was developed by Monolith Soft, not Clover Studios. Clover Studios closed in '07.

Chance to win an autographed Street Fighter X Tekken fightstick and custom Oni TE for sale
#3 I'm sure its just a statement, implying that it would suck if you got such a cool stick (for a large amount of dosh)only for you to not be able to use it.

Mike "Olaf" Spragg discusses changes to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
@19 One thing to keep in mind though is that Capcom keeps reiterating that UMvC3 is a zoning heavy game, but then why do they nerf characters that zone, and make them less capable of zoning? Also to She-Hulk, she needs the slide to get around, even more so now that the game is zoning heavy. Why remove it? Her new move is useless too, considering that it can really only be used in combos, ...

Option to ban Gill in online modes for Street Fighter 3 OE, other stuff
I don't want Jill and Shuma to be free because it would be unfair to those that already bought them. Now if they gave those who already bought them free alternates for Jill and Shuma, then that would be fine with me.