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Kotal Kahn has a Brutality tied to his cat transformation that is particularly unsettling in Mortal Kombat 11
When I bought the game, after years playing Alex on SFV, I thought: now I'll have to main a high tier. ...and here I am, maining Kotal Kahn.

Only two characters haven't been part of top 8s at CPT events since Season 3.5 launched - let's compare pre-patch and post-patch character placings
Whoa, I showed up at the list! Haha Although I bear the "AlexNation" flag, not necessarily a team haha... I don't know what AG would stand for. Good work, MajinTenshinhan!

Capcom Pro Tour 2016 Street Fighter 5 champion goes down to the one character he hasn't invested in at DreamHack Austin 2018
The Guile matchup is difficult but not impossible to win as Alex. And Rivera is a great Alex (I think we're the only two guys playing CPT tournaments under "Alex Nation", even Gunfight is now "Atlas Bear" lol). This victory is eDUcational :P "Buy Alex" hehe.

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