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Jimmy J Tran shares his tier list for Tekken 7 with Devil Jin and Law among the top
What balances Tekken is that all characters share many universal traits: i10 jab, i15/16 standard launcher, i11 while standing, etc. etc. Beyond that, there are still going to be discrepancies between characters in terms of strength. You got BS like Dragunov and Bryan orbitals, Mishima i10 knockdown punishes, Art of Phoenix, and a bunch of other random crap. You wanna talk movement? Not everyone's movement is created equal. As balanced as Tekken is, there will ...

ZeRo releases his latest Super Smash Bros. 4 Diddy Kong match up chart
The article should have included why he posted the list to begin with, including UltraDavid's involvement:

Desk takes Akuma across Street Fighter 4, 5, and Tekken 7 for an absolutely amazing combo exhibition
Naw, I'm usually among the first to give SF5 the benefit of the doubt. I truly believe it's got a good foundation, if just executed sloppily. That being said, notice just how little screen time SF5 Akuma got compared to the other 2. There just isn't enough that can be done with him, and his combos are all shorter than the rest by a large margin. I'm pretty sure desk had a lot of trouble ...

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