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Soul Calibur 6 getting updates for versus and online modes as well as balance changes; details listed
Omg, im so glad that they will fix the balance of the game. NAMCO, please fix Ivy up, she is so Op in this game. Please get rid of the Sparking Blade. The double hit at range whip is so annoying. Most ivy players will start with that cheap range attack then ground throw. As soon as you get closed to her you already lost about 50% of your life then you still need to ...

'Chun has been nerfed too much... lacks the damage required for Street Fighter 5' - HumanBomb talks Season 2, Chun-Li and shows us a crazy new combo
This game is so unbalanced right now and crapcom is not going to fix it. Most character's special moves are safe on block while Chun li can't even do her lightning kick pressure as safe on block. Its punishable if it blocked which is so stupid. Her v trigger is the only good tool for her to make a come back from low health but crapcom nerfed it and make you like rushing in your ...

Capcom promises Street Fighter 5 update news 'shortly' as community eagerly awaits Alex
I just don't know why capcom likes to make their sf fans waiting like this? Please just give us the release date already. I really hope they'll fix the stupid survival mode, at least put some checkpoint in the mode. I'm so overed it about stupid cpu in battle 40-50 in hard. There're reads your input like a book.... So sick of play it over and over again just to unlock colours. The money we ...

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