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Super Street Fighter 4 AE: 1 hour of Ryukichikun's Fei Long vs. Mago's Sagat
Dear god why is he filming the screen when there are tons of great screen recorders for PC...

Interview with DMG PR Balrog by ArcadiaFighters
@9 Im not 100% sure but the delay is most likely caused by vertical sync, most console games use it as it removes screen tearing. the downside with V-sync is that it delays the picture a couple of frames. It should also be mentioned that some HD-tv's can cause 5 frames or more delay, so switching monitor can up your game significantly.

Sven discusses PC leak of Super Street Fighter 4 AE, world wide release dates
@55 You're comment shows how little you know about PC gaming in general. The best players might play on consoles but that doesn't make it less competitive. Id even say PC can be more competitive because of the simple fact that it is much easier to communicate on PC. You get in touch with the players in a different way when you can type on a keyboard so its more likely to get "sparring" partners ...

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