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Updated: Archived video of UltraChen TV's First Attack and Lv3 Focus featuring Skullgirls with Mike Z
@9 well played sir

Skullgirls releases today on Xbox Live Arcade, already available on PlayStation Network
Am i the only person that has nothing negative (worth mentioning) to say about this game??? I mean it looks fun i love the new ideas especially the anti infinite system and custom assist's. Honestly as long as this game plays as well as it seems to ill be more than happy with it. One last thing give the game a break here, its the first game major game by these guys who worked on ...

Desk's Street Fighter X Tekken Team Combo Exhibition
It seems this thread has a bit of confusion in it so ill clear things up. 1. No capcom/namco/snk games are supposed to be like real fights and thats all that is posted on this site is those companies games so bringing up the "no juggles in real fights" argument is barking up the wrong tree around here, this is a arcade style fighting game site so bring up points relevant to arcade style fighting ...

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