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Another Super Smash Bros. 4 patch inbound; 1.1.6 expected to drop this month and bring balance changes
#Bayonerfa #Jigglybuff Get these trending.

Congratulations on selecting Greninja-brand Greninja as your new main! Using him is not easy, so make sure you read this comprehensive manual to best utilize your new Greninja! Hazards: Greninja is not for new players, anyone wanting to fully utilize their Greninja must have solid fundamentals, quick reflexes, and plenty of time to practice. Using Greninja may result in broken control sticks, nerf jokes, and overwhelming amounts of hype. Do not use Greninja if you ...

Shadow Mewtwo has a blockstring infinite that scores him a free win in Pokkèn Tournament
Maybe Garchomp could Stone Edge in that? I'm not sure.

Smash 4 tier lists from Komorikiri and FOW
I love it. Every time I switch to a different character, everyone agrees that they're terrible all of a sudden. :P