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Street Fighter 5 Season 2 issue with players having their LP reset to 0 and login issues have been fixed
Online is cancer right now. Everyone is laggy as sheet.

Cooperation Cup #15 results ft. Kokujin, MOV, Haitani, Momochi
Good to know there's stable scenes outside japan. I'm from Brazil, I don't know much about other countries, except from what I read here on EH and Shoryuken. Perhaps I just had a bad experience with this game.

Cooperation Cup #15 results ft. Kokujin, MOV, Haitani, Momochi
Indeed. It's a curious game. The pros love it deeply. Casuals hate it. With exceptions, obviously. I like 3s overall, but I hate the parry and the multiple supers per round. And about your question, outside Japan, no.

Cooperation Cup #15 results ft. Kokujin, MOV, Haitani, Momochi
SF3 was the less popular street fighter. Too much execution requirements kept beginners away from the game, the franchise almost died right there.

How many perfects can a #1 ranked player get in Street Fighter 5 Season 2? Let Haitani show you with this sick Necalli match footage compilation
Haitani is one of the greatest players and plays necalli to the fullest. But this character (and chun li) are so boring to watch...

Are Street Fighter 5's new rage quitting regulations working? VesperArcade talks about the game's new shame icons, punishments and more
A tip for the ignorant (like me): if the server keeps going down during online fights, just give up. I just got a 24h ban, due to 'inappropriate behaviour'. I didn't rq ONCE.

Capcom: We are still committed to our promise that the initial release of Street Fighter 5 is the only version you’ll ever need to own
The ONLY mode that gives you some real FM is survival, and they know it. Remember when people cheated their way with one-round mod, and then capcops were very quick to fix it? I tried it the honest way, but it's too frustrating for me.

Combofiend: If there’s one character I know that’s going to become a threat this season, it’s definitely Zangief - Capcom talks Season 2 balance
Anyone else experiencing server disconnects frequently? And eternal loading times?

Street Fighter 5 experiencing server issues, Capcom acknowledges via tweet
Yeah, I waited to play before sleep, and then this. Duck you too, capcom.

Street Fighter 5 Season 2 patch notes - character balance and system changes
Street Fighter THE BIBLE