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Buenos Aires True Salt results ft. Justin Wong, KaneBlueRiver, Brolynho, Dark Jiewa

'Know your value, learn to tell a story, promote yourself' - Gllty has landed a prime time sponsorship and explains how you can do the same
No bans yet? I'll come back later.

The music of Dragon Ball Z will (still) give you goosebumps
Never heard any of those themes. They're from the american version?

EVO 2017 results
Super Turbo will be played this year?

Eliza gets unlimited supers with this newly discovered Tekken 7 bug, EVO tournament organizer says it's banned from the event
SFV is trash, this article proves it.

Urien goes 300, Balrog is a gladiator, and more - here's a large batch of rejected Street Fighter 5 costume ideas
How could they reject bunny mika? I need that.

Infinite combo discovered in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite demo
look at the damage LOOK AT THE DAMAGE

Street Fighter 5's vol. 2 trials are the best combo challenges we've seen in the series so far
Only balrog's trial 10 is keeping me from completing them all. So much timing nnnnnggggg

Snake's double perfect on Justin, Sako's impossible reactions, Poongko's heart stopping time out... Capcom counts down Combo Breaker's top 5 moments
I'm still mad that du took all that time on character select. How can that be legal?

Street Fighter 5 update is live; from new characters to system changes, here's a quick recap of everything we're getting
Any hidden changes to the characters?