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If you've ever wanted to smell like Ryu or Balrog, Everlast has your back with their new limited edition Street Fighter colognes
"Smell like Ryu" Does he even shower?

Fighting EX Layer's development is shifting to the Steam version of the game; future DLC will be dependent on its sales
If only other companies had this kind of transparency.

How might G play in Street Fighter 5? Let's speculate on what we could see this weekend at EVO 2018
Here comes the article avalanche about the new character...

Cammy has an EX move that builds meter in Street Fighter 5
Cammy still needs a fireball and an overhead to be tournament viable.

Update: Fused Zamasu's and Super Saiyan Blue Vegito's release in Dragon Ball FighterZ means new Dramatic Finishes; here are the full versions
Murican voices tho

PC mods: Sakura as YoRHa 2B, Abigail is the Hulk Buster, Laura cosplays Mileena, and more
Aren't these mods locked behind a patreon paywall?

Dragon Ball FighterZ looks amazing - let's take a look at what it's doing right, and what could possibly go wrong
I don't remember capcom saying any of those things... Only thing I remember being said is "You only have to buy Street fighter v once". Are there any sources to this?

Capcom shares concept designs for Street Fighter 5's recent batch of Holiday costumes
Just imagine how much sketches chun has

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition live stream
Clearly they were not allowed to show new v-triggers (not already shown on last trailer).

Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition live stream
The stream is embarassing to watch. And they only picked characters already shown on trailer.