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Brazil Game Show Street Fighter X Tekken character teasers
ic c.viper,juri and dan i don't like any of them where's elena fei long and a street fighter character from street fighter 1?

Elena 3D model speed sculpture by James Van Den Bogart
Ryu shoto/karate Ken shoto/karate Dan shoto/karate Akuma shoto/karate Sheng Long shoto/karate Sakura shoto/karate E.Ryu shoto/karate Oni shoto/karate Makoto karate Karin karate I'm F'kn Tired Of Karate... CAPCOM PLEASE ADD Elena Hugo Rolento Birdie Cracker Jack Doctrine Dark Joe Retsu Lee give some of the unique rare characters a chance real street fighter's.

Elena 3D model speed sculpture by James Van Den Bogart
@30/@32 Both of you idiots need to re-read my post i said shoto & karate you two new generation retards need to freshen up on those reading skills..Karin is in no way what so every similar to Fei-long lol have u ever played Alpha3? How are they similar when Fei is a master of the arts of Kung-Fu and Karin is another karate fighter? I shouldn't even waste my time acknowledging moron's.

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