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MKXL: Kano - Blade Throw
The properties of blade throw actually change for each variation. Like Stickman noted above, the cybernetic version hits mid and cannot be ducked. For the cybernetic version specifically, the regular knife toss is -11 on block so it should not be canceled into in order to keep strings safe, unlike in his cutthroat variant. However, in the cybernetic variation, enhanced knife toss is +5 on block, so you can choose to burn meter in order ...

MKXL: Takeda - Air Teleport
Both air teleports are extremely unsafe on block; -29 for the regular and -58 the enhanced version. They are mainly used in combos or confirms. For example, you can air to air your opponent with any of Takeda’s forward jump normals, then cancel into air quick phase, land, F21 spear for 26 percent [or enhanced spear, run cancel B21]. You can also do this (fj.3 xx quick phase) after a neutral jump punish. The enhanced ...

MKXL: Takeda - Quick Phase
The quick phase teleport can be used to counter projectiles, extend combos, and quickly get Takeda inside. However, the regular version is unsafe on block at -17, so be careful just throwing it out there. The enhanced version hits mid, and then hits low on the second hit and is completely safe, making it one of Takeda’s better wake up reversal options. However, there are some negatives to using it as a wake up option: ...

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