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Super Smash Bros. 4
Little Mac
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Keep your distance. The bow is a good way to edgeguard from the other side of the stage, and the boomerang can pull enemies away from you when thrown backwards. If an enemy is too close, the dash attack and Ftilt can be used as close-range spacing tools, but be careful of their startup lag. The neutral combo isn't a bad option for spacing either. When in a pinch, the down smash is good for ...

Meta Knight
If you're using Drill Rush and you're approaching the ledge with nobody caught in the drill, aim upwards to avoid falling off. If you need a quick getaway in Drill Rush mode and you have a good amount of floor in front of you, aim down to bounce backwards off the floor. It will leave you helpless, but it may be enough time to avoid a smash attack, especially if you land on a higher ...

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