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Past comments by Andriand
Combo Breaker pre-registration numbers are huge - Street Fighter 5 leads the pack yet again
Tekken Ball? really? and beating KoF XIII while at it :v

Awesome victories and awful heartbreaks; highlights from SoCal Regionals Prelude and The Common Wealth
the 2nd highlight where Chris Tatarian "redeem" himself... doesn't it actually come from a match before when he missed the ultra?

Daigo negates Decapre's Ultra 1, GamerBee knocks Bonchan silly, R.O.B. gimps Fox and more - NCR 2015 final day highlights
Wow amazing dude! That is quick! Thanks for the uploads!!

Ayano: 'Creating a game with perfect character balance is actually very simple: Limit the game to one character' - Capcom talks Wild outfits and more
if KOF XIII is really balanced, why do we keep seeing Iori, Kim, Benimaru and Mr Karate all over? I don't play KOF, but I know couple of friends who do and they all complain about the game being viable only with those characters at high level play.

Death of button checks? Ultra Street Fighter 4 adds button config option to character select screen
I think this will help tremendously when you play online with friends coming over to your place and all of us have different button layouts (which happens to me a lot). So I appreciate this very much! For tourney tho, I doubt this will change anything. I think pro n non pro players will still try out with special moves and combos to see if their controllers work perfectly.

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 sells 100,000 copies in three months
100.000 copies at what price tho? I'm sure it was at a heavily discounted price. SSF IV AE 2012 had huge sales @ 7USD for couple of times. And don't forget the licensing fee for Marvels and the money they have to give to Sony and Microsoft (the console get cuts from all software sales).

'Being creative in the game is what keeps me going' - EventHubs interview with Ryan Hart covers KI, fighting game passion, top players and more
Here you go :)

Combofiend: If fighting games had monthly updates, it'd take away from their depth - with a constant flow of new stuff, the old stuff goes unexplored
I wouldn't mind if they have monthly updates for gimmicky stuffs like costumes, stages, music, etc. the big updates like new characters, balance adjustments should be done less frequent though, maybe a yearly update or something. @13: but in the company's point of view, they need the casual players. they do pay the same amount of money as those who are hardcore gamers for a copy of the game. That's why a lot of companies ...

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike match - full stage view with non-scrolling camera
#25 I agree with you, as replays it would be awesome.

Updated: Yoshinori Ono currently working on something new, will be announcing it soon
I really doubt it's an update to SFIV. First off, an update is just, well, an update. For each iteration, the sales goes down, right? Because lots of casual players would think "oh, isn't pretty much the same? nah, I will stick with mine, thanks". If they want to sell more, it has to be a new title instead of an update to an old title.Darkstalker 4, Alpha 4 is more likely.