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SF5: Urien - Choral Kick
If you throw your opponent and he/she doesn't quickrise or "backrise" you can do super and it will combo off the throw as long as it catches them during "the bounce". A very useful tool is to make your Aegis reflector a guessing game. Either you can do the regular v-trigger cancel on hit in order to extend your combo. The other option is that The reflector can be used to bounce your opponent off ...

Zangief isn't a character I really play with much, but here are the combos I've came up with CR.LP,S.LK,3P 137 CR.MP,S.LK,3P 167 F.HP,S.LK,3P 207 F.MK,CR.LP,S.LK,3P 205 F.HP,CR.MP,FCB2.P 474 F.MK,S.LK,FCB2.P 431 Can also start with S.HK S.HP,VTRIGGER,F.HP 314 S.HP,VTRIGGER,J.FCB.2P 384 S.HP,VTRIGGER,F,3P 314 Crush Counters S.HP,FCB.HP 336 S.HP,F.HP,S.LK,3P 304 S.HP,S.HP,VTRIGGER,F.HP 396 S.HP,S.HP,VTRIGGER,J.FCB.2P 456 S.HP,F.MK,FCB2.P 503 S.HP,F.HP,CR.MP,FCB2.P 538 S.HK,3P 198 S.HK,F.HP 198 S.HK,J.FCB.2P 288 thanks alexsunny

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