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Past comments by Zedeyeenn
Mortal Kombat 11 tier lists right now are guesstimates at best; Maximilian warns us not to be too hasty when concluding character strength and ability
Just because SonicFox is the best NRS player, doesn't mean his Tier Lists are great. Actually, he made horrific tier lists as recently as Injustice 2 when he declared he would main Darkseid due to being top tier then dropped him a week later. He did the same with Black Canary. His setup heavy, rushdown with just enough gamble style of play is clearing rewarding enough to win consistently, but tier lists are usually methodical, ...

Job application requirements, Mike Ross makes an FGC appearance, G wins another CPT event and Daigo picks him up, MK11 one week later, and more
@Velociraptor - In order to claim the "I'm sorry" care package from NRS, you have to go to your Profile tab and scroll over to "Notifications". It is not awarded automatically...

Here is the nearly final Mortal Kombat 11 character select screen, only two empty slots left
Bug Vorah is the creature that becomes controllable after D'Vorah is killed. It won't be a character on the select screen.

Mr. Freeze, Jay Garrick Flash, Power Girl and more - new Injustice 2 premiere skin images surface
Wrong. Premiere skins cannot be customised.

Guile joins Street Fighter 5 later this month, classic Air Force Base stage also on its way
Can we have another stage with interactables please? So instead of just being able to hit the opponent onto a gay bang bus, or a bowl of noodles fall onto their head, it would be great to hit them onto some breakable boxes!

Problem X is on his way to America to prove to doubters that M. Bison is a strong character in Street Fighter 5
Well that makes sense since they know him best. Tournament results speak volumes when it comes to tier lists, and don't forget, that tiers only matter (for the most part) at the highest level. Not seeing Bipson represented much in all of the latest tournaments aside from Problem X is a telling sign. Bipson never won a major in the entire lifespan of SF4 and that confirms what people already thought about him in that ...

Pop Culture Shock's Street Fighter 5 Ken statue perfectly capture's the fiery fighter's personality, and it's currently 10% off
The statue's plastic hair looks less plastic than the in-game hair...

A better look at Ryu and Ken's Street Fighter 5 'Alpha' costumes - Capcom uploads tutorial in 1080p / 60 FPS
@1 Im with you. That other costume was a friggen trainwreck. Holy cow, did he have hair on his head or a banana bunch?? And the texture was like clay. This one is the classic, and he looks amazing

Is competitive fighting gaming 'better' than than competitive fighting? Core-A Gaming has a pretty compelling argument
20 mins into Netflix and chill and Jimmy Kimmel gives you the Stop watching someone play Video games and go outside look

'Head online for the ultimate Mortal Kombat challenge... of fighting Scorpion over and over again' Honest Game Trailers breaks down Mortal Kombat X