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Mike and Gootecks' latest guest is an international wrestling superstar, and he's got a Cody; Kenny Omega joins Excellent Adventures
NJPW ? Holy s***, that's like, the Platinum Games of wrestling. The Kendra Lust of wrestling. The Street Fighter Alpha 3 of wrestling. The Gurren Lagann of wrestling. Excellent Adventures sure came a long way.

Japan shares their Super Smash Bros. v1.1.3 tier list - Mii Gunner, Bowser, and more ranked surprisingly high
It does look pretty accurate all things considered. More accurate than some top players tier lists.

'People don't realize how vocally strenuous a fighting game can be for a voice actor' - meet Cassandra Lee Morris, the voice of Elphelt
I just wish you could choose the language for each character in Xrd.

Bayonetta almost raised Smash 4's rating in Japan, poll received nearly 2 million votes worldwide
OH, the ratings was the last thing that crossed my mind when I read that comment. I'm sorry then.

Bayonetta almost raised Smash 4's rating in Japan, poll received nearly 2 million votes worldwide
You say that like the Smash scene isn't one of the most prominent scenes in the FGC. There's a lot of people playing and supporting this game, this isn't a random title that gets thrown in tournaments for filler, it will live on for a long time.

Naotora Ii coming to Dead or Alive 5 Last Round in March
Wooooooooow ... Samurai Warriors, huh ? They really dugged deep for this one. I hope we get to see more characters from that series in DOA.

KOF GCC Dubai results ft. Xiao Hai, Haitani, MadKOF, BigBird

Tekken X Street Fighter is still in development, Bandai Namco focusing on Tekken 7 at the moment An exciting saga.

The killers are out! Mike and Gootecks take on Smug, Derrick Legend and more in the latest Holiday Excellent Adventures
He showed up in more than just 1 episode, I think Derrick even played them back in the AE2012 era.

Xian shows off incredible option select for Ryu in Street Fighter 5, says it's 'much easier than in Ultra Street Fighter 4'
LMAO people really think you can remove Option Selects from a fighting game. Sometimes I just ... But THIS is bs, this shouldn't be in the game. Actually, the more I think about it, you can't avoid these type of scenarios when you have Parries, so ... f***.