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Super Smash Bros. 4
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I see very potential on Inkling. While he/she may not be focused in combos, Inkling has different ways of zoning his/her foes, like the splattershot and the splat bombs. And I bet hitting offstage foes with Splattershot will be lots of fun >:)

Kirby has a brilliant edgeguarding game, his F-air and D-air are extremely useful moves to keep your foe off stage, plus his D-air can combo into lots of things (tilts, grab, Down smash to perform a kill combo, jab and grounded stone for breaking shields). His recovery, while predictable, is extremely useful, with 5 midair jumps and a great vertical up B. However, his powerful tools are overshadowed by his two main weaknesses, he has ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Charizard', u'Kirby']
I don't think Zard has a winning matchup against Kirby, I've fought lvl 9 Zard cpus with Kirby and I've always won.

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