Past comments by YasashiTsuKun
SF5: Zeku - V-Reversal
One of the worst reversals. Usually only good for pushing forward and avoiding following cross-ups. Attack animation almost looks like Dan's Focus Attack btw.

SF5: Zeku - Critical Art
A great anti-air critical art. You can catch any cross-up spammer with it compared to its peers. But in all seriousness, this critical art pushes the user back from their opponent, giving you a bit of room for an opponent to whiff their punishes if they don't time their counters right.

USF4: Guy - Crouching Medium Punch
Attack still has Anti-air capabilities, despite it being slightly nerfed.

USF4: Guy - Crouching Medium Kick
Guy's other trip attack, and one that actually is the better ones in the game. Hits twice, in which the second hit causes hard knockdown to enemies. It serves as an alternate poke option, as the first hit does not knockdown. Also a low profile against some attacks, as well as a good counter-hit option against rushdown opponents like Balrog or Fei-Long.

USF4: Guy - Far Standing Light Kick
Unless if either used creatively for a custom combo of your own design or as an anti-air option, this attack is pretty much useless.

USF4: Guy - Hurricane Kick
EX Version is only good for Defensive options, though make sure your opponent is attacking. Also is good against people who like to air kick. HK version is only good for combo enders on corners or anti-air purposes, if used early. MK version is an alternate of getting away from projectiles, as well as a good chain combo ender for some combos. LK version is good against grabbers and people who like to attack low. ...

Guy could be easily played Defensively and Offensively. For Defensive players, use the [Flip] Command to either prevent Air attacks from happening or getting away from pressure, The [Elbow Drop] for baiting enemies to make mistakes, as well as [Hozonto] as your projectile counter and range reset. For offensive players, you have a lot of options for combos, specifically his [Target Combos] for combo options, [Elbow Drops] for combo resets, [Run Options] for mixups and ...

USF4: Guy - Target Combo 1
A Vintage Combo from the Final Fight Series, this combo is good against standing opponents on corners. The juggling time is short, so quickly choose between [EX Hozanto], Standing High Kick, [Ultra 1], [Bushin Hasoken (Super)] or [EX Hurricane Kick]. The Throw Option excludes [Ultra 1] as a combo string. Also, [Ultra 1] and [Super Combo] can easily connect after the High Kick option without an [FADC] move, if timed correctly. Unfortunately, it is seldom ...

USF4: Guy - Flip
Another nice move that Guy has to throw enemies off their game. Can be changed into an elbow drop to stop him mid-air or continued off to a throw. The throw is one of the best Anti-Air moves in the game, grabbing anyone who is in close proximity to Guy's [Flip] or if the Flip is just above their head. The grab causes 180 damage, like most throws. The Elbow drop is useful for continuing ...

USF4: Guy - Air Command Throw
One of the coolest throws that Guy has as an Anti-Air Fighter. Sadly, its got little usage compared to most enemies' throw analogues. EX Version is probably the only useful version he has, being that it has invincibility frame rates to prevent air kicks, punches, and grabs from hitting him.