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Poll Results: Who are the best and worst dads or father figures in fighting games?
Best fighting game dads: Fuudo, JWong, Bonchan, and Sako. Worst fighting game dads: Would be UltraDavid, JChensor, or EbonicPlague if anyone was cursed enough to have children with them.

Soul Calibur's Taki, Dead or Alive's Kasumi, or Tekken's Asuka... which of Danielle Vedovelli's 3D fighter cosplays is best?
...Research must be hard.

How spot-on are Danielle Vedovelli's gender bender Terry Bogard and Mai Shiranui cosplays?
John "Velociraptor" Guerrero articles are low-tier. Haven't been good since I started frequenting this site. If I could direct all the ad revenue I bring to this site, I would siphon it all to Dakota or Justin.

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