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Is the 2/3 format working for Street Fighter 5? Chris T, PR Balrog and Infiltration all want to see more games per set
Yeah. He did said that. If Infil's game plan doesn't go his way. He'll just say whatever that comes to his mind just to cover up his salty game play.

A closer look at some of the awesome outfits and colors Laura has in Street Fighter 5
All of Vega's costumes are trash. Especially his battle costumes. Been sporting Vega's original boring costumes for so long. I just gave up waiting for some thing cool.

'I don't believe Juri is bottom tier, low-mid at worst' - Master-ranked Gentleman Thief on why Juri isn't getting love in Street Fighter 5
Every character has a chance to hit master and even winning a major tournament. The problem is she has to work harder to achieve that. But when there's too much money on the line. I hate saying this, top teir characters that are spoiled with easy tool sets are a way to go.

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