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Ono - When I saw Mortal Kombat 2011's story, I thought Capcom should really take advantage of mimicking this and incorporate it into its games as well
I like SFV more than the next guy but that story mode was a complete mess. Straight garbage! Almost every character you play in the story is a conversation misunderstood that leads to a meaningless fight. I couldn't play it the second time for the FM. I had to let my neice play it through for me.

An easy 10,800 Fight Money up for grabs in this week's Street Fighter 5 missions, here's how to complete 'Sakura's Urgent Errand' and the others
So the next CPT missions are starting in August? What about July?

Is it ever okay to teabag Daigo? Best of V talks CEO, stream issues, Injustice 2, shilling and welcomes special guest Snake Eyez starting 4 p.m. PDT
You can teabag who ever you want. But at the same time teabagging is lame.

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