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Awesome victories and awful heartbreaks; highlights from SoCal Regionals Prelude and The Common Wealth
The first highlights is 50 shades of Behrudy, WTF its like the exact situation featured in one of his videos. Check for "Read like a book" from behrudy

Juri highlight video shows you don't need Dudley or Yun to lay down the insane pressure – red focus into Ultra 1 concepts, dash mix ups, combos, more
The video is so cool :)

EventHubs is giving away King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match closed beta test keys - help SNK Playmore improve the game's netcode
RT'ed as @JulioLobo. KOF 2002 is one of the biggest FGs here in Brazil, would love to test it out on PC to see if it's good. No pre-order, I'm fine.

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