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There's a pretty big regional disparity when it comes to Premier Events on the CPT, with reduced points for Ranking Events, this might be a problem
@eventhubs Hire some real editors with English degrees or the equivalent. Every paragraph in this article was a single sentence. It's the only complaint I truly have here. I hate reading parts of articles 2-3 times just to understand what's being said because of poor grammar. These statements are not intended as a dig at the content, which was good, but to say it could have been presented in a more clear, concise, and understandable ...

Yipes and Punk played a first-to-100 Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite set
That’s why he’s IFC!!!

First-to-10 sets between fighting game legends in three huge games, organized by Daigo - This is Kemonomichi, and why you should be excited for it
Surprised no Kuroda for SF3. I thought he was considered the best and purposefully used weaker characters to handicap himself. I could be mistaken though.

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