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DreamHack Austin 2017 results feat. Punk, NuckleDu, Xian, Haitani, Daigo
Almost every Japanese player is maiming or has an Ibuki sub! I still think Xian has the most dynamic and well developed of all (right now).

Our readers feels that Ryu is the most honest character while Balrog is the most dishonest character - final poll results
Ibuki is legit honest. I don't main her. I use Cammy who is definitely dishonest. She needs legit combos, mixups, (kind of) execution, and does little damage relatively. People just saying Ibuki is dishonest have seen Shine, Dafeet Lee, and Xian do work, but don't realize the struggle is real.

Teaser footage and theme for new Thailand stage; high definition concept art images of new SF5 'School' costume
Why can't they just give everyone new costumes when they release them?

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