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What would it take to put the wind in Street Fighter 5's sails?
God damn. You guys cannot write worth a damn on this site. Hire someone with and English degree or a writing background to look at these articles before you publish them. It's the same with FGC commentary. It's horrible. You throw these guys up there who don't commentate worth a damn. They just yell and produce "hype" or tell old stories during the matches. It's distinctly unsatisfying. Everyone wants in on all this money being ...

Mike Ross breaks his silence about ESPORTS
The questions still remain. Where he's been? Why has he deactivated his accounts? Was it all just to make a 5 minute video?

DreamHack Austin 2017 results feat. Punk, NuckleDu, Xian, Haitani, Daigo
Almost every Japanese player is maiming or has an Ibuki sub! I still think Xian has the most dynamic and well developed of all (right now).

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