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People are playing Street Fighter 5's Juri and Urien online; PC mods enable use of full versions from story mode
Im not mad nor suprised but the only thing is that PC modders can use the 2 unfinished characters at will (except a few exceptions) but Console has to use the 2 unfinished characters in a given predicament (story only) there for console has to do parts of the story to play them. That all i can say really.

Full screen juggles, crazy bomb combos and explosions everywhere; Doopliss' Ibuki combo exhibition proves she can keep her foes in the air for days
These combos are crazy. Too bad that the bomb scales the damage hard

Updated: Capcom addresses Ibuki's delay in Street Fighter 5 via Twitter, promises to better communicate info surrounding content release in future
I'm a bit upset with the delay but I'm happy she is the next character to come out.

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