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Past comments by WhYYZ
Tekken's Yoshimitsu joins the Soul Calibur 6 roster
> Has been in every single Soul Calibur game since 1999. > Tekken's Yoshimitsu. Wut?

The unknown Japanese Lucario player, Tsu, made major splashes at Frostbite 2017 - Tsu vs. ZeRo highlights
Tsu isn't that unknown for people that follow the japanse tournaments.

Street Fighter 5's new patch may have just really hurt command grab characters
This was in SF4 as well. Why are people complaining this much, WTH?

SSB4 with characters: [u'Lucas', u'Ness']
People should be forced to read these posts before voting. How are there people that still think Ness wins this? Lucas can easily keep Ness out with PK-fire and Z-air due to his mediocre walk/air speed. Using Ness's PSI magnet on PK-fire isn't worth the risk of eating 40+ damage from a throw and if Ness loses his double jump and has to use his Up-B he's dead. Other way around Lucas is too floaty ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Lucas', u'Rosalina']
Seriously, if people could stop voting on match-s they clearly don't understand that would be great.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 5? Melee and Wii U? EVO organizer asks if same-franchise games should coexist in next year's line up
Smash 4 and Melee are so different. The only think that's the same is that they're both called Super Smash Bros. They both have a following and should both stay.

SSB4 with characters: [u'Lucas', u'Rosalina']
PK-freeze, which recovers extremely fast, hits Luma even if Rosa is shielding making it impossible for Rosalina do set-up a wall and camp him out. She has to approach which she can't really do. PK-fire can also activate on shield if she doesn't angle her shield correctly melting her shield and hitting Luma. And Rosalina absorbing Lucas's recovery is a non-issue. Lucas can recovery with his tether and if he has to use Up-B he ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Lucas', u'Villager']
Anyone who thinks Ness v villager is even needs a trip to an asylum imo. But that's a discussion for some other time. With F-smash and Pocket Villager can potentially gimp Lucas very time he's away from the stage. Lucas has less invincibility on his PK-thunder2 then Ness and that makes it a lot harder to come back to the stage. Lucas his neutral game gets flat-out beaten by Villager with B-air, F-air and F-B. ...

SSB4 with characters: [u'Ness', u'Shulk']
Ness's recovery is really bad, people really need to start chasing Ness down and go for the kill instead of standing there and doing nothing. Also, good shulk's use MALLC on their aerials making them safe and giving Shulk safe ranged pressure.

Can there be only one? Justin Pottle examines the tension in the Super Smash realm as Melee and Smash 4 attempt to coexist
That fact that not everyone is playing PM instead op Melee shows that no matter what kind of smash game Nintendo would make, it will never be good enough for the "elite". Sm4sh will become faster in time, perfect pivoting isn't adepted by a lot of players yet and the same goes for ledge trumping and edge guarding. How many years did it take for Melee to fully incorporate wavedashing/ SHFFL'ing and dashdancing? And personally ...