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SSB4 with characters: [u'Lucario', u'Wario']
Euhm. This MU IS in Wario's favour slightly. Wario can just platform camp all he wants until he reaches his waft level and is enable to kill Lucario before he's on his average Aura level. Lucario's should always avoid stages with good camping platforms to avoid Wario's camping game. Lucario's should try banning Duck Hunt, Town and City and Battlefield, while Wario should ban Final Destination and most likely Lylat. 6-4 Wario's favour.

SSB4 with characters: [u'Villager', u'Wario']
This is easily a 5-5. Good Wario's won't be using Bike a lot in order to avoid Villager's pocket. Same goes to recovering while Wario can recover either very high, very low or to the center (without jumping off) to avoid his pocket + not getting edge-guarded as well. Neutral is in Villager's favour thanks to his outstanding zoning game, but however Wario prefers camping in the air as well in order to let the ...

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